Toshiba to ship HD DVD drives in March

WHEN IT comes to computer drives, it looks like HD DVD might just arrive slightly faster than Blu-ray disk drives. We are talking about computer drives and Toshiba is going to be one of the first to market. Just as well, seeing as it is pushing the whole standard so hard.
The company is ready to ship its drives in March but could not reveal any pricing details. We saw some drives up and running and NEC also has a running demo.

The guy also said it’s cheaper to do HD DVD as the drives are very similar to the DVDs and the standard is backward compatible. The HD and the Blu-ray guys are all hoping that by some miracle everyone will want the new stuff.

But you are going to have to pay and buying DVDs is going to be cheaper for quite some time. Why pay for extra features?

News source: Theinquirer


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