Nvidia is shipping 6800 AGP

NVIDIA managed to ship the AGP flavours of Geforce 6800 GS AGP. These cards are based on NV40 chips and it seems that Nvidia has them in shops already. It was late for the Yule shopping madness and it still cannot forgive itself for that, but that’s life in the semiconductor industry, you can never totally plan. We know that at least XFX and Point of view are shipping those cards but Club 3D and EVGA should have them for sale very shortly.
The cards are clocked at 350MHz core and 1000MHz GDDR 3 memory and in the UK they cost around ₤187 including VAT. In Euroland, at least in the German part of Euroland, the cards will cost €249 including VAT. In Austria it will cost you a little bit more as you have to pay more VAT in Austroland.

The 6800 GS AGP is a twelve pipelines part powered with 256 bit memory interface and it is more or less declocked Geforce 6800 GT, for much less money. It does support Shader Model 3, something that Nvidia has been preaching so long and ATI just jumped on its bandwagon. It is AGP, so it will fit into your AGP upgrade systems and won’t cost you a fortune to change the whole PC to get a faster graphic card.

ATI has some entry level X1300 PRO AGP card out and we expect to see some of the RV530 based X1600 cards in retail by the end of the month. Still 6800 GS AGP should end up faster than ATI’s X1600 offering including the XT card as it uses 256 bit memory interface versus 128 bit that ATI uses. Nvidia got ATI on this market no question about it.

Nvidia wont release any 7800 GTX or GT based cards with AGP interface at least not in the high end but you never know as this might change if the company decides to make one more GS AGP card. Nvidia didn’t plan the Geforce 6800 GS either but it was forced to answer after ATI’s twelve pipelines RV530 chip that jeopardised its very successful NV43 based Geforce 6600 range. ATI had enough pipelines but didn’t have fast enough memory interface and lost to Geforce 6800 GS. It is like basic physics. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” as the wise old alchemist Isaac Newton once said.

News source: theinquirer


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