Microsoft in trouble with God again

IF SOFTWARE giant Microsoft thought that its local pastor had given up on cursing them as the new whore of Babylon it was sadly mistaken.Redmond’s Antioch Bible Church pastor the Rev. Ken Hutcherson has been trying to put pressure on the Vole for supporting a change to employment law that would make it illegal to discriminate against gays.

Last year it looked like Microsoft would agree to Hutcherson’s demands, but after a flood of emails from Volish employees the software giant told the Rev to go forth and multiply.Later, other IT companies, including the maker of printer ink HP, agreed to support a law change. However, it seems after being a bit quiet, Hutcherson has come down from the mountain with a cunning plan to smite the Vole once and for all.

Today he is going to be interviewed on the conservative radio show “Focus on the Family” where he is going to call for all good Christians to boycott Microsoft and cast it into outer darkness. There it shall gnash its teeth unto all eternity.Now it looks like the acolytes of rival operating systems, such as Linux and Apple OX, can finally claim that installing their software instead of Microsoft’s really is obeying a command from God. Although most of them thought that anyway.

News source: theinquirer


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