Steve Jobs gets Walt Disney boost

APPLE CEO Steve Jobs star appears to be in the ascendant after a report said Walt Disney will buy Pixar.According to the Wall Street Journal, Walt Disney is likely to acquire Pixar, and that will make Jobs the biggest individual shareholder in Disneyworld, and also make him even richer than he already is.

The Pixar (tick: PIXR) share price stood at $57.26 when the markets closed yesterday, and is currently valued at not far short of $7 billion. Meanwhile, Apple (tick: AAPL) turned in its financial results for its first quarter showing revenues of $5.75 billion and a net profit of $565 million. The results weren’t quite as Wall Street had expected – sales of its Mac PCs and notebooks were weaker, partly in anticipation of the widely expected introduction of Intel based machines, announced earlier this month.

Apple managed to sell $2.91 billion worth of Ipods during the quarter.

News source: Theinquirer


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