Appro hits top 500 supercomputer list

APPRO, THE HPC computer vendor, has scored a PR win with a 1024 core Opteron Hyperblade machine.

The computer, at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Performance and Architecture Laboratory is 256 2S 2C nodes connected with infiniband switches. It has a total capacity of 3.4 TFlops, enough to run F.E.A.R. above 1280*1024 with eye candy turned on.

A quick check of the Hyperblade page, here, shows that you can get 160 Opterons in a rack, for a total of 320 cores. This means the entire supercomputer can be housed in four racks, not a bad density/performance ratio.

Whatever the ending configuration, it will be #132 on the top 500 list.



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