iMesh Opens P2P Doors in Canada

iMesh said on Thursday that it had launched its legal peer-to-peer download service in Canada. The expansion is the first for the company since it relaunched in the United States in October of last year, and it remains the only legal P2P service available in North America.

iMesh says it offers the largest catalog of authorized music consisting of over 15 million tracks. This includes more than two million authorized tracks from the major record labels and 40,000 independents. The content is gathered from the Gnutella network.

“With the availability of iMesh to users in Canada, we continue our commitment to providing rightsholders with a comprehensive solution to internet music piracy,” iMesh executive chairman Robert Summer said in a statement.

Canadian users will be able to choose from either a subscription or a la carte option. A free 30-day trial is available, with an option to extend it another 30 days for $1 CDN ($.88 USD). After the free trial, there is a $8.95 CDN ($7.85 USD) per month charge.

Tracks downloaded from the iMesh service can be played back through Windows Media 10 and on PlaysForSure portable devices.

News source: Betanews


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