Windows Media Player exploits out in the wild

EEYE said it has seen two examples of exploits targeting the Microsoft Window Media Player (WMP) in the wild.
As we reported earlier this week, Eeye discovered the dangerous bug. Microsoft issued a patch on Tuesday to fill in the hole.

Eeye said that the fact there’s already exploits points to a growing trend of attacks aimed at hitting consumer apps rather than the OS itself.

Ross Brown, the chief operating officer, said the exploits point to two trends affecting both your average Joe and enterprises. “It’s increasingly common to see focused and targeted attacks that do not require the use of a virus or a worm to be successful,” he said. “These attacks use social engineering to fool users into having spyware or malware unknowingly installed on their systems. Secondly, these malicious attackers are circumventing network level security technologies by using file format vulnerabilities to exploit users.”

News source: Theinquirer


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