Amish kid convicted of wire tapping

A 17 YEAR old Amish kid has been fined for tapping into his neighbour’s house and illegally tapping into their telephone line to make long distance calls.

James Bontrager, 17, of Markesan, in the USm admitted a charge of telecommunications fraud. He was fined $367 and ordered to pay $36.09 in long distance charges to CenturyTel for calls the teen made on his neighbour’s phone line to a relative in Indiana.

The Amish live in a 17th century world and are generally anti-technology. They believe that that association with other people they call ‘The English’ is polluting.

Bontrager apparently knew a bit about technology as he bought a phone and wired it up to his neighbour’s phone line. He told the police that he didn’t know that his neighbours would be charged.

Upon being arrested he, and his family, had visited the neighbours to apologise.

News source: Theinquirer


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