Spyware for cell phones emerges

A NEW bit of software that lurks on cell phones and captures call logs and text messages has been dubbed a Trojan horse by a security outfit.

The software, called FlexiSpy, made by Vervata, is being flogged as a method that parents can protect their children by knowing everything they do. It captures call logs, text messages and mobile Internet activity.

However, security outfit F-Secure, said that the software is a Trojan, or at least an electronic sheep in digital wolf’s clothing.

Jarno Niemela wrote in the company’s bog, that the application installs itself without any kind of indication as to what it is. When it is installed on the phone, it completely hides itself from the user.

It is concerned that the FlexiSpy could be used by bad guys as part of malicious software that targets phones. Hackers could try sending the program to phones via a Bluetooth connection and trust that there are enough curious people to install it.

F-Secure has updated its security software to detect the program and remove it.

Vervata denied that its software was a Trojan. In a letter to News.com the company insisted that FlexiSpy was not malicious. It can also be uninstalled with an option provided. We assume that is if you know it is there

The software has to be installed by a human who knows exactly what the software does and cannot self replicate. No one has questioned what sort of control freak wants to listen to their child’s telephone calls and what message that this gives the child about life.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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