Sony to keep PS3 under wraps at E3

BIG FIRM SONY will keep on keeping its PS3 prototypes locked away from prying eyes at the next E3 show.

Hacks expecting a PS3 prototype fest at the May E3 games show have been told that the console will not even make an appearance at the Sony stand. Demo units which are usually given to third parties in their own booths will also be in short supply.

One publisher moaned to Spong that they are uncertain if they will be able to demonstrate their product mostly because Sony has not told them if they are allowed.

Sony apparently only wants people to see its machines in tightly restricted conditions, preferably back lit or under a very heavy table cloth.

The game gear maker has assured press that the chances of any of them getting their filthy paws on them are fairly minimal, so they might as well just go back to the pub.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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