Bloke fined over fake spyware scam

AN ORGGON has been fined $84,000 for running a bogus anti-spyware scam.

Zhijian Chen would send bogus security alerts to users and encourage them to download an phony anti-spyware program. He would then claim a share of the profits from Secure Computer, which makes the software.

Microsoft filed a charge against Chen’s Secure Computer outfit in January. Two others were also involved in the scam Seth Traub, and Manoj Kumar, from Maharashtra, India.

Chen admitted the charges.

The scam was simple. Chen used the Windows’ “Net send” command to put pop-ups on users’ machines that mimicked official warnings. A user then clicked on an embedded link and were directed first to Chen’s page, then to Secure Computer’s own site.

They were offered a free scan which always detected spyware even if there was none there and were offered Spyware Cleaner for $49.99.

Chen collected a commission of 75 percent of the purchase price, or $37.46, for each copy of Spyware Cleaner he sold. News source: THEINQUIRER


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