Yahoo to become a techie mag

SEARCH ENGINE outfit outfit Yahoo says that it is going to release its own tech magazine. Called Yahoo Tech, this will provide news and information on gadgetry in 18 categories, the site says.

In each area the outfit will highlight the top five products and have how toos on different technology.

For those who watch the movement of people to places, the idea seems to be driven by Elizabeth Harz, Yahoo category development officer for technology and telecommunications media ad sales. Harz was involved in something a bit similar called CNET along with Yahoo Tech’s general manager, Patrick Houston.

All that is not stopping Yahoo Tech’s spin doctors saying the usual line that the tech site will be the first of its kind.

CNET does not see Yahoo Tech as a competitor, it is flogging content to the fledgling site under a cunning plan to drive more traffic to its own site.

Other bods from whom Yahoo will buy content include PC World and PC Magazine and the how-to content “For Dummies” book series.

That is not saying that the site will not have any original content, apparently Yahoo Tech will be having blogs. Cease my fluttering heart.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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