Intel’s Tukwila to be quad-core

RWT has confirmation from Intel that, in line with previous rumors to this effect, the forthcoming version of Itanium that’s codenamed Tukwila will indeed be quad-core. According to information and slides released at a high-performance computing conference in Asia, Tukwila will also have an on-die FB-DIMM controller and will also mark the debut of Intel’s much-delayed common systems interconnect (CSI)—Intel’s answer to HyperTransport, and an FSB protocol that will enable both Itanium and Xeon lines to share the same processor socket format and support logic. (In other words, Xeon will be a drop-in replacement for Itanium, and vice versa.)

Tukwila also has a few more tricks up its sleeve, and Intel is touting some significant performance improvements for the processor. So check out the RWT report for even more details.

News source: ARSTECHNICA


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