Gran Turismo on the PS3 looks good

IF YOU LOOK at the Sony/PS3 stand at E3, there are a bunch of games running, and several demos. Watching closely, you will see that the PS3 programs are fairly object-sparse, the one exception being Gran Turismo.

Look closely at that title, it is object rich, interactive, happy and pretty, everything you would expect from a next gen title on a next gen console.

Has Wii seen the marquee launch title? Has wii found the dev team that managed to crack the cell coding puzzle? Found the next Jeff Minter? What did the Gran Turismo team do? What did Sony do?

Well, the version of Gran Turismo, ostensibly running on a PS3, is really running on a PC. Is Sony trying to tell us that a PC is a better gaming platform than the upcoming $600 beastie, or is it the other way around?

Either way, this would be very embarrassing for them if it got out, so make sure not to tell anyone.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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