Creative Labs users up in arms

PUNTERS using Creative Lab’s Sound Blaster X-Fi card are so miffed that the outfit will not fix its bugs in the product they have got an online petition together.

The petition demands that Creative fix the crackling and popping on X-Fi sound cards, which is only attractive in a breakfast cereal. Creative has been aware of the problem for ten months and not said a dicky bird about the issue, the petitioners say.

They also want a fix for the Creative Entertainment Cente which is in 800×600 resolution which makes everything look grim.

Creative also needs to make its software less bloated. The petitioners want mode Console themes to be built on anything else than uncompressed BMP files, and mode console audio test files compressed and not bloated WAV files, which are a bit clunky.

“The X-Fi processor is supposed to be “The most powerful audio processor in the world” doesn’t even offer a hardware Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder while a lot of competition sound cards, even the cheaper ones do and even though none of them doesn’t have feature sets to switch,” the petition says.

The petitioners say that they have been waiting more than seven months since the last driver release and nothing seems to be happening.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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