New SIS Chipset Addresses DDR2-667 Memory

Silicon Integrated Systems Inc. on Monday announced its first PCI Express chipsets, which support DDR-2 memories at speeds up to 667-MHz, the company said.

SIS introduced the SiS656, a chipset for the Pentium 4, which supports PCI Express x16 slots for the new generation of graphics. PCI Express graphics cards. Graphics maker ATI Technologies unveiled its fist PCI Express cards on Tuesday.

The memory controller allows users to plug in up to 4 Gbytes of memory, using a tri-state controller that will allow users to plug in older 64-bit single-channel modules, matched dual-channel modules, or even mismatched dual-channel DIMMs. DDR2-667 memory modules from Samsung and Micron have both successfully passed SiS’ compatibility test, SIS said. Other brands, such as Infineon, Hynix and Elpida, are currently undergoing compatibility testing and are expected to complete the testing process shortly.

The SiS656 uses the SIS second-generation 1GB/s Multi-threaded I/O link to connect with the SiS965 Media I/O chip. The SiS965 supports two PCI Express X1 ports, one EHCI compliant USB 2.0 host controller, 3 OHCI compliant USB 1.1 host controllers, a Serial ATA-150 controller, an ATA-133 dual IDE controller, an AC 97 V2.3 compliant audio controller, and a Gigabit MAC controller with standard GMII/RGMII interfaces.

SIS did not indicate when the chipset will ship, or when motherboards based on the technology will enter the market.

News source: ExtremeTech Although Via Technologies commands a higher public profile than SIS, SIS has historically dominated the low-end chipset market, competing with Via for the second position in overall sales. With the SiS656, SIS appears to be targeting the boutique performance niche. DDR-667 DRAM has yet to make an appearance, however, so the chipset will appeal to overclockers.

“DDR2 promises to bring new potential to desktop and notebooks, offering higher performance with lower power consumption and less heat,” said Daniel Chen, president and chief executive of Taiwan’s SiS, in a statement. “Our SiS656 chipset gives SiS customers a necessary edge in today’s competitive market.”


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