PS3 too complex ?

Know-it-all analyst P.J. McNealy told face-stuffing marketers at an MI6 luncheon about just how complex manufacturing the PS3 will be. He said that the number of parts used to make a PS3 is even more astounding that the 1,700 parts found in the Xbox 360. What does this mean?

* Limited yields on Sony’s end.
* Complex hardware leads to oodles of problems.
* PS3 ramp-up won’t hit its stride until 2007.

We’ve learned the Sony Playstation 3 is not just a game console. It’s a movie platform. It’s also a super-computer. An analyst with a sense of humor. Heh. It’s thought that Sony’s won’t begin production until July or August. After launch, the company expects hitting a target of 1 million consoles per month, with six million units shipped before March 2007. I expect shortages, fist fights and crying. Lots and lots of crying.


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