14 Dual Core chips analysed

XBIT LABS has a roundup of some contemporary desktop processors, which looks like a rerun of the Core2 Duo review. Put all CPU altogether, shake well and serve. All in all, the roundup included 14 CPUs and only two platforms, the AM2 andLGA775. It would have been interesting to get Woodcrest on board, as well as s939 x2 Athlons. Anyway, the core architecture pulverizes everything, as you can expect. Intel winner, what to say more, especially if you look at the performance per watt ratio per dollar. Competition is becoming boring now.

AOAForums’s Booman has a photo tutorial on how to make custom panels for your computer. He is still brainstorming on how to make them airtight and you can see from the photos that there are still a few gaps here and there. Bear in mind that the guy actually bought a steel panel and started cutting it into a panel with a saw and a few clamps as well. The result is surprising to say the least as he decided to get its inspirations from Cathedral window panels. This man has patience.

The World cup of video cards continues, this time, landing on Neoseeker who, in part five, checks the most played games titles including Sin Episodes, Oblivion, Warcraft series, Call of Duty and Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory. High end, mid-range and low end platforms across ATI and Nvidia multi GPU ranges are compared.

PC Modding Malaysia takes a look at the Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX and they were more than impressed with that beast. Although they didn’t quite like the built-in fan controller, they are very happy to work with the Big Typhoon VX because it installs like a stock cooler. Motherboard removal is not necessarily required and it takes only less than 10 minutes to get things done. Performance wise, the Big Typhoon VX is currently, in their eyes, the best among the rest and amongst the most powerful CPU cooler they have reviewed up to date.

It’s not everyday that a red Toshiba laptop is tested. Vr-zone reviewed the Satellite M100 PSMA1L-00C00C laptop a few days ago. It has a small form factor with a 15.4-inch screen but still comes with an impressive array of features. The laptop is built around the Core Duo T2300 processor, comes with a mere 256MB memory, out of which a percentage is dedicated to the integrated memory, it has a 80GB SATA drive, a DVD writer and Harman kardon speakers. The minute amount of memory is what will pull the laptop down under any circumstances, better beef it up to 1GB. The laptop looks great and bears the hallmarks of a typical Tosh product.

ITreviews close up todays review roundup with Ubuntu’s 6.06 LTS – Long Term Support Linux Distro review. Ubuntu has been gathering an incredible amount of goodwill and publicity lately due to the fact that it has a massive, enormous user base and because it is so easy to use. I have yet to try it but some already consider it as a potential competitor to Vista. Ubuntu is actually a suite, comprising of Ubuntu, per se, Openoffice, Firefox and even more open source software. Ubuntu offers fantastic value for money. A great freebie that you can test, with great commercial support as well.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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