ATI X1950XTX comes to life

ATI HAS launched the X1950XTX video card. I understand the word Crimson used in the title because of the card’s colour. But I am lost when it comes to explaining Loveboat. The card comes with 512MB GDDR4 memory and is a two-slot model. The core/mem speeds are quite high, 650MHz/1GHz. That much higher than the 7950GX2 in comparison. The card is quite a killer. It sucks more power than the 7950GX2, is more powerful than the latter, is relatively cheap and offers true HDR with AA. I wonder how two of those will perform. Overclocking it allows you to reach more than 13.5k in 3DMarks 05.

Digit-life tests a Leadtek WinFast TV Pro II Stand-Alone TV Tuner and says that it is a surprise to owners of CRT telly. Why? Because it is one of the more complete solutions available on the market and gives a new life to 21-inch CRT monitors which can be bought for very cheap. It can display a maximum resolution of 1280×1024 and has a remote control. On top of that there’s even a timer. Now it is not that cheap but with a 16:9 screen mode available, you will do yourself a favour if you want to recycle your existing screen.

The ECS 945G-M3 mATX motherboard is reviewed at thetechzone. It is an entry level model that is compatible with all LGA775 processors except the Core Duo model. Apart from that, you will find a 945G chipset with two memory slot, integrated video without DVI and HD Audio which is quite rare on cheap mobo. It is light on accessories but still comes with a printer port. It is passively cooled and is also VIIV compliant. The sound is apparently very good.

Dansdata has adopted the web2.0 look and tested the CTR MIO and QH01 computer cases. I am sure I saw these fans before… Sansun anyone? The fan in the first case is a mammoth 22cm model, with 13 blades and a speed control dial. There’s actually two cases with huge fan and one of them is by i-Cute. You can see that giant fans are on their way. And they could be perfect gift for summer as well by simply placing your tower next to your screen and opening the side panel a bit.

Trustedreviews lays its hand on an Ultra Portable Laptop from Lenovo, the 3000 V100 which costs just under £1000. Quality has stayed too on this Thinkpad model. It has fingerprint reading, integrated optical drive and yet a weight of only 1.8kg; the keyboard is said to be one of the best around and the screen is a 12.1-inch model, small but capable of displaying 1280×800 pixels. It runs on a Core Duo T with 1GB and a 100GB HDD. Surprisingly affordable.

Techage aims and points at the Microsoft Wireless Laser mouse 5000. The mouse reminds me of some old logitech model. Don’t know why. Anyway, it is a wireless model, which won’t please a few games out there. The model is a 1000dpi which is more than enough for gaming. I guess that it is an ambidextrous mouse as well. The reviewer pits it against laser 6000 and the Logitech MX 610. Not the ideal gaming mouse but for office, it will be a killer with a six months battery life.

If you want to send in reviews, hardware or software, don’t hesitate, just fling them my way. I am particularly fond of exotic hardware that you won’t find elsewhere. Even if the review is not in English, as long as it is interesting and entertaining, send it in. Also I would be glad if someone could point me to a recent directory of hardware websites.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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