Dual CPU Gaming Console dissected

FAR far away, in a Galaxy called Gamepark, a group of engineers designed the GP2X Personal Entertainment Player. It is actually an old review. The GP2X is a media player as well a supercharged game console; everything based on Linux. It has Dual Processors, 128MB memory, SD card slot, TV Out and a magnificent 3.5-inch LCD screen. Add to that DiVX, OGG, MP4 and XVId support and you have a top product.

There’s even a small video there. Now if they could put a PDA on there
Big Bruin reviews the Vizo Propeller Card Cooler and Mirrorbox Card reader. One is a video card cooler with two fans and the other one a 32-in-1 card reader which can even read DDS tapes. No, that’s a joke. The card cooler comes with manual fan sped control, easy installation and cold blue LED built in. Since it has two fans, you can guess that it is quite noisy indeed. The card reader has an aluminium housing and is quite stylish. Don’t know the prices though.

Motherboards.org reports on the EVGA Geforce 7600GS 512MB video card. The 7600GS is slightly middish level. The number of different GPUs available makes it a headache to buy a current and decent card. The 7600GS has a core/mem clock of 400/800MHz. It supports Dual monitor, the HSF covers both the memory and the chipset but it comes without any major games. The only item that counts for most of us though is overclocking. Well, motherboards.org did not overclock it. Don’t forget though that EVGA has unlimited lifetime warranty, 24/7 technical support and Step-Up support.

Hi-techreviews checks the Supertalent MP3 player. It is one of those small iPodesque players which can do more than their illustrious predecessor. Supertalent is one of them. It is a 1GB video player coupled with a FM recorder and of course a MP3 player. Not as sleek or as talented as the Video iPod but still, this one is compatible with Mac, Windows and OS weighs only 36g.

Chilean website Chilehardware tests the Kingston Datatraveller Elite which is one USB drive. Minuscule, with an AES 128bits security system and available in sizes up to 4GB, the model reviewed was rather mundane by today’s high standard. I like the finish and the look and appreciated the fact that there is a real key ring hole and some ribbed rubber on the sides to improve grasp. Also included is some nifty little software applications.

The Enermax Galaxy 1kW PSU is certainly one of the biggest and baddest I’ve encountered. That’s a massively insane amount of power that suggest it was designed when the PEEs were around. Enermax like a bunch of others has fingers both in PSUs and in Casings. It is compatible with Quad SLI and has five 12v rails with 17amps each. That’s not all, there’s a few cables and a 85% efficiency. But everything has a price. Not only it adds a few Kg to your casing but it also costs a lot.

If you want to send in reviews, hardware or software, don’t hesitate, just bring them in. I am particularly fond of exotic hardware that you won’t find elsewhere. Even if the review is not in English, as long as it is interesting and entertaining. Send it in. Also I would be glad if someone could point me to a recent directory of hardware websites.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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