ATI’s R600 has 64 real pipes

WHEN we first time heard that R600 was going to be a big chip we could figure out that ATI wanted to completely redesign the chip and fill it full of lot pipes.

We previously wrote that the chip will have sixty four Shader units but we never realised at the time that the design is actually built around a full sixty four physical pipes. That is what various high-ranking sources are telling us.

In this scenario, unless Nvidia also managed to triple its pipeline count in the upcoming G80, this chip could lose out big time when put against a 64-pipeline ATI offering.

The outcome is still uncertain as we don’t know enough about the G80 to make the final conclusion.

The R600 is scheduled for very late 2006, if all goes smoothly. And, if not, you might see this one in January – probably released by AMD’s ATI.

Remember this is a DirectX 10 chip that is an advanced version of the R500 chip the Vole uses in its Xbox 360.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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