Old Opteron 270HE beats Sun T1000 easily

IN THE KIND OF review that enthusiast appreciate, Legit Reviews undervolts the AMD x2 4200+ processor. Why would you underclock a processor? Well, firstly to reduce the temperature of the CPU, then to reduce the size of the fan and if possible, go passive and, lastly, to be able to save the earth and a few pounds on your electricity bill. With a 1.125v, power consumption dropped by 28w which is significant.

Don MacAsKill plays with the kind of hardware that often appears in Geekers’s wet dream. He compares the Sun Fire Coolthreads T1000 to a server that he considers to be ye olde one – a dual-dual core Opteron 270 HE, in the form of the Rackable C1000. Who is the winner? Well, the AMD system wins hands in its pockets. It is cheaper, marginally less powerful but cooler, he reckons.

This article at 3D Fusion, a German website is a comparison between the NorthQ NQ-3851A and the Zalman VF700-AlCu LED fan for graphic cards. There are fantastic closeup photos and the review appears to be well detailed. Unfortunately, it is written in German and while I like machine translators, they are still way too mechanical to give you a true-to-life translation.

Newcomer to this column, Gearater tests the iPevo XING conference phone. It is a USB model which works exclusively with Skype and its 115 million customers. Obviously, the first target of the iPevo is companies which want to offer conference calling on the cheap. They could even afford to couple it with a webcam for true video conference. The phone can double up as a speaker although the sound is so-so.

Neoseeker checks the SuperTalent Low-Latency 2GB PC2-6400 memory kit. It comes with Cast Aluminium high efficiency heat spreaders as well as lifetime warranty. They reached 1.04GHz with 5-5-5-15 timing, getting the moniker PC2-8230 which is above average to say the least. An enthusiast’s winner memory module.

Bit Tech chases the Shuttle SN27P2 barebone – for AMD AM2 platform – and pins it down in the test lab. The shoebox case is black and partly made up of anodised aluminium. It brags a 400w PSU and two 60mm fans. Feature wise, expect it to com with six USB2.0 ports, GbE, SATA port and 5.1 audio support. Just bear in mind though that it is expensive, so much so that you could buy a complete dual- core computer with screen for the price.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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