Synaptics – Onyx A Entirely Tactile Telephone

Since the mobile telephone becomes the object impossible to circumvent of our daily newspaper, as well sign of social recognition for some as object with to do everything for others, why not work to make of it a tool really pleasant and intuitive to use? It is of this report that Synaptics left, company which one finds behind good number of the sensitive paving stones of our portable computers, to propose, in partnership with Pilotfish, a new model of completely tactile interface for mobile compounds.

The result names Onyx, and intends for all the manufacturers mobile telephones, in the hope that one of them will be allured by the concept and will wish to apply it to the one of its apparatuses. The Onyx principle is simple: to associate surfaces entirely sensitive to the contact an interface which will be able to benefit from the possibilities induced by the absence of keyboard or numerical keys. The Onyx surface is entirely occupied by a touch screen directly posting the orders which make it possible to control the apparatus.

Onyx Phone


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