Logitech X540 5.1 Kit

Logitech announces the launching of a new whole of loudspeakers multimedia, X-540. Presented like economic, this kit is composed of five satellites and a box the low ones. The satellites use the technology Frequency Directed Dual Driver which would contribute, says us one, with the richness of the sound whereas the box is equipped with a dynamic equalizer which lets pass a maximum of low while limiting the distortion. Provide with metal grids, the satellites adopt a new design.

With X-540, Logitech proposes for the first time on a kit 5.1 the technology of matric sound surround which divides the audio signal on five sound ways starting from stereo sources two-track and this without degrading the quality of the sound. The center of control of the kit benefits from a button making it possible to activate made matric. Posting a power of 70 Watts RMS, the kit inaugurates a new system of fastener for the center lane in order to easily fix the latter on the flat-faced screens. On the basis of the report that the CRT were in the process of Logitech disappearance is finally leaned on the question of the installation of the central satellite about a flat-faced screen.

News source: Logitech X540


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