PhysX goes PCI Express

AGEIA HAS ANNOUNCED the PhysX product line is to get a new boost, with the inclusion of a PCI Express based board.

The PhysX PCI Express cards will be available, integrated into new PCs in time for this Christmas from “Ageia’s leading OEM system manufacturers” the firm said.

“With both PCI and PCI Express cards and a line up of new games, we’re offering consumers real choice and real value,” trumpeted Manju Hegde, founder and CEO of Ageia.

Considering the tie-in with Dell at the Digital Life 2006 exhibition, and the press release regarding the PCI-Express cards, it’s likely Dell’s XPS gaming systems will be the first to benefit.

There’s no news on retail cards as yet, but it’s likely these will be available in abundance in Q1 2007.

Also, if you pop along to the Ageia booth at the the Digital Life 2006 exhibition in New York you can get a look at a series of upcoming games powered by PhysX, including CellFactor, Infernal, Black-out Saigon and Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien.

Our own Burt Carver is there right now, so expect more on this soon. News source: THEINQUIRER


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