$220 will buy you a X1950PRO AGP card today

WE LEARNED that if you try hard enough you can actually buy Radeon X1950PRO AGP for just about €220 from etailers.

We wrote about this card a month and a half ago and they are finally making a debute. You can check the specifications here.

These are 256MB cards but they will run Vista aero glass just fine. These are mainstream cards so they should be fine even for Oblivion at decent resolution.

It is just an option but the RV570 chip is a nice one and it will probably not get much faster than that in AGP for a while and for this price. A Gecube Radeon X1950Pro, 256MB is clocked at 575MHz with memory working at 1380MHz using a 256-Bit Interface.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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