EVGA offers a free 680i LT mobo with 8800Ultra

EVGA WAS SILENT during the time of the 8800 Ultra launch, mostly due to the disapointing specs of the card.

To make matters even worse for Nvidia, EVGA’s own 8800GTX ACS3 beat the Ultra in a lot of tests, but now the graphics card and motherboard maker is coming to market with two interesting products: 8800 Ultra The Black Pearl edition and an interesting marketing incentive: buy an 8800Ultra and get a free 680i LT motherboard.

For starters, the company launched 8800Ultra The Black Pearl edition. This board is nothing else but a hand-picked stripped 8800Ultra, with Innovatek’s waterblock named E-Flow. Card has been clocked to high Odd thing about this board is the fact that EVGA will sell dozens of these babies a month, so this product is not a one off. Peter Tersluisen and his team set the GPU clock at 655 MHz, with 128 scalar shaders working at 1.66 GHz. Memory is clocked all the way to 2.25 GHz (1.12 GHz DDR) and has a theoretical maximum of 108 GB/s, breaking ATI’s own record of 106 GB/s (achieved courtesy of 512-bit memory interface).

EVGA also claimed bragging rights with 3DMark06,with Vince “Kingpin” Lucido breaking 25.000 3DMark06 by using two 8800 Ultras. The price of this board is set at 899 Dollars/Euro, and if you are wondering is this worth it, this company decided to give an interesting answer: by bundling a free 680i LT motherboard with every purchase of not just The Black Pearl one, but rather any 8800Ultra from EVGA. This offer stands only with participating e-tailers, so if you’re interested in spending ton of cash for your new computer, head over to EVGA’s web-site and consider your options.

Even though this motherboard is not a full-blown 680i (rather a green-PCB w/only two PCIe x16 slot one), it still packs a lot of overclocking potential.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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