Microsoft cuddles up to open-source

MICROSOFT APPEARS to be developing something akin to open-source fervour, judging by three new pieces of evidence.

Item one: The firm has created a web page devoted to the model. With many a mention of “building bridges”, “a world of choice”, “embracing diverse development approaches” and suchlike, the page reads like the Stormont Agreement.

Item two: According to this report, Microsoft’s go-to man on the subject, Bill Hilf, also said yesterday that the company is to submit some licences for approval by the OSI.

Item three: Microsoft is working with open-source integrator SpikeSource on Windows-based stacks.

Despite these clues, many will suspect shenanigans given the long charge-sheet against the Redmondians. After all, it was only six years ago that Microsoft senior veep Craig Mundie referred to open-source as a “cancer” and even now Bill Gates’s voice goes mighty shrill at the suggestion that There May be Another Way than the proprietary, closed-source approach.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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