Nintendo Wii set to win the console war

VGCHARTZ.COM IS THE name of the new website that tracks sales of games and gaming hardware from the wonderful world of consoles. In short, our gaming gurus will probably play around with stats – but we will give you a short brief.

According to stats from the week ending August 5th, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 10.32 million, Nintendo’s Wii followed with 10.10 million. They led war between the consoles and the PS3 was languishing with only 4.11 million units sold worldwide.

The site just updated the stats for the past week ending August 11th. The Nintendo Wii scored some major gains and is now breathing down the Xbox 360’s neck. New data shows that in a frame of one week, 310,000 Wii’s got new owners – Xbox 360 was sold in decent 110.000 units, while PS3 sold only 50,000 units. New numbers keep Xbox 360 in the lead with 10.43 million, Wii is now a close second with 10.41 million and PS3 remains the backmarker with 4.16 million consoles sold.

In terms of market share, Microsoft has 41.7%, Nintendo has 41.6%, while Sony captured just 16.6%.

Since the site will not be updated until next week, Wii has probably already outsold Xbox 360 and now has the lead in the console war. Or it just may happen that Microsoft pulled a miracle and sold 3x more than last week (was Halo 3 released this weekend? No?).

This would give Nintendo a 2:0 ratio in console market, since DS is just shattering the competition in the form of PSP. DS sold in 47.87 million units, while PSP sold “just” 22 and a half million, taking 32% of handheld market.

All in all, it seems that another headache making site has come on the shiny sky of Interwibble. Our take is that at least one company will use these results for their marketing purposes.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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