Nokia Requests Yet Another ITC Probe into Qualcomm

Nokia alleges Qualcomm violated five of its patents from the Nokia CDMA and WCDMA/GSM portfolios.

Just last month the U.S. International Trade Commission banned all future 3G phones using Qualcomm chips from entering the US market. The ruling in that case isn’t final yet, but time is running out for Verizon and Sprint, Qaulcomm’s two largest U.S. purchasers, to appeal the ban.

Today Qualcomm finds itself in more hot water with Nokia requesting an ITC investigation into Qualcomm alleging patent infringement and unfair trade practices. Nokia claims that Qualcomm infringed on five of its patents from the Nokia CDMA and WCDMA/GSM chipsets. Nokia requested to the ITC that phones infringing on these patents be barred from import into the United States.
“There is significant evidence to warrant an ITC investigation into Qualcomm’s business conduct,” said Rick Simonson, chief financial officer, Nokia. “We are taking this action to stop Qualcomm’s practice of copying Nokia’s patented technology, without permission, and making these innovations available to its chipset customers.

“We are seeking the same remedies Qualcomm has sought against Nokia in multiple venues around the world. Nokia will continue to ensure its rights and competitive advantage is protected,” Simonson added.

Nokia’s patents named in the probe are U.S. 7,236,761, U.S. 6,714,091, U.S. 6,292,474, U.S. 5,896,562, and U.S. 5,752,172.

In May Qualcomm was the subject of yet another U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) probe along with some other notable electronics companies including ATI, Motorola, Freescale Semiconductor, Spansion, and ATMicroelectronics. This probe was started at the request of Tessera Technologies alleging that two of its patents were being infringed upon by these companies.

You can hear Rick Simonson, Nokia Chief Financial Officer, speak about the most recent probe on this podcast.

News source: DAILYTECH


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