Nvidia 8800 GT leaks

NVIDIA’S LATEST product release is getting leakier by the minute, as more pics and benchmarks of the 8800 GT show up on the wibble over the weekend.

Intrepid GeForce fans can find the box shot and card design for MSI’s GT release. It’s your typical dodgy CGI gaming girl fayre.

Meanwhile, there are some new benchmarks of the card, which look pretty hopeful for those looking to upgrade. At high resolutions, the GT appears to outperform both the existing 8800 GTS models in game tests, and beats out the 2900 XT in all but one test, too.

That should make for a great price/performance ratio for new buyers, and a galling price/obselescence ratio for old ones.

Prepare for more leaks as the week goes on – now we’ve seen a few companies reveal their wares, the rest won’t be far behind.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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