Sparkle 8800GT passively amazes

A REVIEW on a highly anticipated Core 2 Duo E8400 (Wolfdale) by Expreview can be seen here. However, a lack of SSE4 benchmarks kind of spoils everything, but that’s what you get for posting something this fresh. Performance is on par with the E6850 Conroe-based core but you can expect some better scaling of this architecture and improved performance as SSE4 comes into its own. $183 buckaroos in case you were wondering.

If your central heating’s on the fritz this winter, Anand has a nice solution for you, try out one of these babies, it’s a passively cooled 8800GT from Sparkle. Skepticism aside, the Sparkle 8800GT Passive is an HTPC’ers dream as it holds its own under full load, which means you can finally have an (almost) noise free computer media and gaming PC in your living room.

If you’re looking to setup your own SOHO PC from scratch, you might want to read this review here. Tweaktown did the nasty with both a Gigabyte GA73UM-S2H (Geforce 7150-based) and an undefined Intel G33-based mobo. They are basically on par in performance, but the 7150 doesn’t have a dual channel memory controller to help it cope with bandwidth intensive apps. It’s likely to be a bit cheaper than an Intel solution, and definitely holds its own in a SOHO environment.

Just like we mentioned some days ago, laser MFP’s are a-comin’. Now it’s Samsung’s turn with the CLX-2160N which you can find at Bonafide A bit slow on the colour prints, but all in all you get what you pay for.

Yet another Radeon HD3870 review hits the web, this time at Bit-Tech. The chaps think it’s a really good card if you’re on a budget, but it’ll come down to choosing your preferred side (ATI vs. NVIDIA), as the 8800GT offers more or less the same bang for your buck.

Extremetech reviews a couple of serious enterprise-class terabyte hard drives from Seagate and WD while comparing them to their terabyte desktop brothers. Specs aside, if you’re looking for raw performance and damn the price, you can pick up a Seagate – while on the other hand, if you’re worried about power consumption, noise and heat (aka Blades) you can pick up the WD kit.

Hardware Logic pushes up the clock on an ASUS EN8600GT graphics card – the clincher is that the card comes with a 5,25″ dial control unit to perform on-the-fly overclocking. However the results were a bit disappointing as the limitation seems to be the RAM rather than the GPU itself (maybe sticking some RAMsinks on those naked modules would improve results?).

Just so you can compare wangs, TechARP (aka Adrian’s Rojak Pot) posted a rather thorough listing of graphic chips – similar to the CPU tables they did a while back. It takes time to build up these charts, pity there’s no side-by-side comparison charts. This DOES include the near-legendary 3DFx chips like the Voodoo 2 – the precursor of SLI. Some of you were still in diapers when this stuff blew us away.

News source: THEINQUIRER


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