Fujitsu starts 100GB Notebook HD production

Fujitsu Ltd. has developed a 100GB hard-disk drive suitable for use in notebook computers and has begun mass production of the drive.

The Tokyo company started making the drive in late March this year and its entire initial output had been snapped up by notebook makers, said Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing at Fujitsu Computer Products of America. Now the company is beginning to accept orders from more notebook makers and so it is announcing the development of the drive, he said.

“We launched in late March and early April with some major notebook makers,” he said. “In June we are opening the doors up to other customers. Any notebook shipping with a 100GB hard disk has a Fujitsu drive.”

Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. both offer a 100GB hard disk drive as an option to buyers of their notebook computers.

The MHU2100AT drive has a 4,200 rpm (revolutions per minute) rotational speed and comes with a parallel ATA interface, said Hagberg.

News source: MacCentral


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