Adobe Launches Mobile

Adobe, the maker of the world’s famous Photoshop software just announced its service that goes in a mobile Beta in September and will initially support Windows Mobile smartphones selected. Adobe Mobile will allow you to upload, view, and share your photos online from your phone. All you need is a supported Windows Mobile phone and your account ID. Have Mobile upload photos from your phone to your account as soon as you take them. You can store up to 5 GB of photos there free. You can store up to 5 GB of free photos there. ( Plus members even get 20 GB of free storage).

The application has been developed for Windows Mobile, based on statistics that put the terminals with WM as those with a higher percentage of camera, with 83%. Rising share and allows users to store images in a private or share them online bookstore publicly in the form of album, once uploaded photos automatic is synchronized with Photoshop elements 7 and may therefore be released from the desktop.
The application is supported in principle to terminals:
• Samsung Blackjack I Samsung Blackjack I
• Samsung Blackjack II Samsung Blackjack II
• Motorola MOTO Q 9h Motorola Moto Q 9h
• Motorola MOTO Q Music 9m Motorola Moto Q Music 9m
• Palm Treo 700 w/wx Palm Treo 700 w / wx
• Palm Treo 750 Palm Treo 750 Mobile will allows to create a Mobile Share album right from your phone to show the world or invite friends and family to view your photos online from
And lets see curiosity flash lite running on Palm through Windows Mobile. By the end of the year is expected to bear more devices and the launch of the application is scheduled for September.
The application can be downloaded to a user account


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