Asus unveils Stylish Laptops

Clearly, laptops lead to a genuine phenomenon of fashion. After having introduced new colors for its range of Eee PC, last Tuesday Asus has unveiled four new models of a particular kind: they emit a smell!

For these machines – which we do not yet know the technical specifications – Asus targets a relatively young audience, especially “people who love to attract attention and display their photos on Facebook” notes Carol Kuan, a researcher at Asus. Forbes Reports About Jessie Ku, director of the company’s products: “We want to create a sense of intimacy with our notebooks to play on the mood of the people, their memory and their emotions through their five senses”

Other companies such as Cinescent have already tried to combine different types of media (web sites, movies, music ..) smells customized. After analyzing the sound emanating from loudspeakers, these devices are a new kind releasing a smell.

Naturally, the names of these four new laptops are very suggestive: “Musky Black” (black, the eau de Cologne), “Floral Blossom” (pink, tropical scent and flowers), “Aqua Ocean” (blue, marine atmosphere ) And “Morning Dew” (green, smell forested).
But how does it work? Well Asus has developed a technology that uses the warming of the computer file of the fog on a plastic film impregnated with a smell. But beware, the dose of perfume is limited and Asus did not foresee any replacement. Top or flop? We expect to be informed of a release date soon.


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