Price Drop Boosts PS 2 Sales

The PlayStation 2’s long-awaited drop to a $149 price point seems to have had the desired effect, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today. In the month since Sony announced the price drop at E3, sales of the hardware have reportedly more than doubled compared to the month before the drop.

Sony registered a 216% week-over-week increase in the seven days immediately following the announcement, and a 141% increase in the three full weeks after. This price drop also had a more marked effect than last year’s drop to $179 — sales were up 26% compared to the same three weeks in 2003, during which Sony introduced the PS2 Online Pack and concurrently lowered the price of the core PS2 unit.

The price drop was obviously positive news for retailers, who had been clamoring for a $149 price point since before the 2003 holidays. “Response to the $149 price point has been amazing,” said Debbie Mola of the Electronics Boutique retail chain. “We’ve seen a steady increase in consumer demand throughout our stores nationwide, with sales of PlayStation 2 rising to well above our expectations.”

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