Intel Dual-Core Atom 330 is now available

Appeared early in the machines of manufacturer, the Atom 330 Dual Core Intel was officially launched today. Also for nettops, these computers fixed economic designed for simple needs on the Internet, this processor engraved in 45 nm is running at 1.6 GHz, has 1 MB of cache second level and makes a TDP of 8 watts. Its two cores use HyperThreading technology, the processor includes a total of four virtual cores.

It is marketed as expected with a new motherboard (reference D945GCLF2) which supports memory DDR2 667 MHz and is equipped with an audio chip Intel High Definition Audio 6 channel, a graphics controller and Intel GMA 950 d a Gigabit network controller (instead of equipping its controller 10/100 groin).

The processor is sold only $ 40 per thousand units sold, $ 70 with the motherboard. It should appear on French and European shelves in the coming days. Finally Intel is not currently marketing a Netbook equivalent.


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