StreamAudio Announces ‘Multi-Format Streaming’

StreamAudio today announced the release of a new feature to allow radio broadcasters to reach their listeners on Windows, Mac, and Linux; while also reaching mobile devices including the Apple iPhone, the Palm Treo, the RIMM Blackberry, and many others. With mobile devices like iPhone, a user can listen to the stream without the purchase of any additional software.

StreamAudio has developed a system that allows radio stations to reach a larger audience without any additional hardware or software needed at the studio. StreamAudio’s “Multi-Format Streaming” option will give radio stations the ability to stream in the world’s standard format, MP3; as well as simultaneously providing streams in Windows Media, AAC, AAC Plus, and OGG. These formats will allow listeners to receive a stream from the station using nearly any player or computer operating system such as Windows, Mac, and Linux; while also reaching many mobile devices. According to Darren Harle, StreamAudio’s President, “The problem that broadcasters face trying to provide streams in multiple formats is the additional cost of not only the delivery of the content, but also the extra equipment and physical space required at the station to provide the ‘source streams’ to their streaming vendor (and hence to their listeners) in multiple formats. By managing the format conversion at our data center, broadcasters can now use the critical space at their studios for other purposes. What makes StreamAudio’s Multi-Format Streaming package different from that offered by other providers is that only a single computer is required at the station. This hardware/software system sends a single ‘source stream’ to StreamAudio’s data centers where the transcoding to multiple formats is performed; which then allows StreamAudio to deliver the multiple formats to the broadcaster’s listeners. Of course, this eliminates the need for engineers at the radio station to manage and maintain additional hardware/software systems as would be required with other streaming vendors.”

Paul Distefano, VP of Sales and Marketing at StreamAudio, said, “With an installed base of more than 50 media groups and over 600 radio stations, and with the advent of a multitude of new listener devices, many of our customers have been requesting this capability over the last several months.” Mr. Distefano added, “Another exciting aspect of our new Multi-Format Streaming is the ability for radio stations to sell ads in these new streams by using StreamAudio’s online ad insertion technology, streaming statistics, and ad replacement reporting for the new streaming formats. A radio station would simply schedule their ad insertion campaigns once for delivery to all of their listeners. All ads delivered to listeners on the new formats will be counted (and metrics provided), without any additional effort from the station.”s


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