SPARKLE Announced SPA Tune- OC Software For Graphics Cards

A well-known supplier of graphics solutions, Taiwanese company SPARKLE Computer proudly announced the availability of a new product – exclusively developed software to customize their video SPA Tune. According to the SPARKLE, the new program allows you to select the optimum level of productivity according to the videouskoritelya specific tasks, and thus save electricity.

Click SPA Tune There are five key management that can control the frequency of the kernel, memory and shaders, as well as the chip temperature and fan speed. There are three basic mode of operation of the video: OC (Overclocking), STD (Standard) and GRN (Green). Is not difficult to guess that the first one to achieve high productivity, the second offers a good balance between speed and power, while the third focuses on saving electricity, and produces the lowest noise level.

Software SPA Tune will come bundled with all new graphics cards SPARKLE.


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