Master Data Management Solution From Oracle

A new Oracle Master Data Management solution focused on site and location mastering, was introduced today.

Oracle is the leader in Master Data Management (MDM) software and with this new solution, Oracle now offers the most comprehensive MDM solution in the market today, with individual solutions for centralizing customer, product, financial, and site data.

Oracle Site Hub helps organizations enhance operational efficiency and improve decision making by offering a hub for mastering, consolidating, cleansing, governing and sharing site-specific information throughout the entire life cycle of an organizational location.

Oracle Site Hub Highlights

To help organizations consolidate site-specific information, Oracle Site Hub provides an unlimited number of Pre-defined and user-defined attributes.
Oracle Site Hub includes a mapping feature that enables organizations to map and view their sites in Google Maps.

To enable organizations to create a single view of their site-specific inventory, assets and property lease information, Oracle Site Hub comes Pre-integrated with standard Oracle products such as Oracle Property Manager, Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM), and Oracle Inventory Management.

Out-of-the-box web services enable Oracle Site Hub to seamlessly manage integration and share geographic site data across organizations.
Oracle Site Hub: Examples of Vertical Industry Deployments

Retail: Using Oracle Site Hub, retailers can effectively manage real-estate portfolios with a consolidated view of their stores, franchises, competitors and prospective stores. Oracle Site Hub provides a framework for store lifecycle management starting with site prospecting, selection, operation, and remodeling through to site closure.

Public Sector: Postal departments worldwide can use Oracle Site Hub to build data hubs of delivery addresses, optimize routes, and centralize information repositories.

Financial Services: Retail banks can use Oracle Site Hub to manage branches by creating a single source of data for site-specific attributes of their bank branches, ATM’s and competitors’ branches. Oracle Site Hub provides the IT platform to help expedite IT rationalization after mergers, acquisitions and branch consolidations.

Supporting Quotes

“The release of Oracle Site Hub demonstrates our dedication to delivering innovative new solutions in Master Data Management,” said Pascal Laik, vice president, Oracle Master Data Management Strategy. “As the leading Master Data Management software provider, we plan to continue to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions that enable our customers to better manage and leverage their data assets across their organizations.”

“Forrester found retailers that push their apps and process vendors to bring location data under the master data management umbrella; vendors like Oracle which responded with a new location hub that incorporates integration with Google Maps, have the ability to sort sites into trade areas using a variety of predefined and user-defined attributes” – The Consumer Centricity IT Road Map, George Lawrie, Principal Analyst Forrester Research, October 31, 2008

“Evaluate and implement location master management: Process and app-professionals must take the lead in developing an application road map that includes a location master data management app, such as Oracle Site Hub.” – The Consumer Centricity IT Road Map, George Lawrie, Principal Analyst Forrester Research, October 31, 2008


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