Sharp Unveils AQUOS Experience

Sharp Electronics reveals a groundbreaking tower of AQUOS Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) televisions – the AQUOS Experience – in Grand Central Terminal, New York City’s treasured landmark. As presenting sponsor of the Grand Central Terminal Kaleidoscope Light Show, Sharp designed the AQUOS Experience, which will be on display throughout the month of December, enhancing the holiday atmosphere in the terminal. As part of this initiative, Sharp will be making a significant donation to The HOPE Program, a charity that equips its participants with the skills they need to find, keep, and advance in jobs. With Sharp’s donation, The HOPE Program will be able to launch the “Green Collar Project,” a new program to help people find green collar jobs in an environmental field. This will not only allow participants to become economically self sufficient, but will also help preserve the environment.

“We created the AQUOS Experience as a symbol of hope, especially important during this holiday season, and chose to work with The HOPE Program to help those who are out of work,” said Doug Koshima, chairman and CEO, Sharp Electronics Corporation. “We strongly believe in the HOPE Program’s important cause that not only helps those out of work to train and find jobs, but to maintain those jobs and turn them into careers for a better future for them and their families.” The AQUOS Experience stands a staggering 26 feet high on the bridge between the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal and Vanderbilt Hall. The structure consists of 43 Sharp AQUOS LCD TVs in varying sizes, ranging from 19-inch screen class (18 ½” diagonal) through 52-inch screen class (52 1/32″ diagonal), that form the shape of a tree. Video content, created by Fujisankei Communications International, runs in two to three minute vignettes, creating uniform scenic imagery that spans the height and width of the structure.

Two kiosks flank the AQUOS Experience, where consumers can enter a sweepstakes to win one of the 43 TVs from the tower. As part of this initiative, Sharp will donate $1 to the HOPE Program for every individual* who enters the sweepstakes, up to $100,000 total donation, and a minimum of $50,000.

“Year after year, we strive to help those in need become self-sufficient and maintain employment in various industries,” said Barbara Edwards Delsman, Executive Director of The HOPE Program. “We’ve been trying to launch the Green Collar Project to provide the proper training and job placement in the green sector and with assistance from Sharp, now we can. Sharp’s donation will help create a green pathway out of poverty, not only for HOPE students, but since many are parents, for their children and for future generations of New Yorkers to come.”

The HOPE Program offers work readiness training, job placement, job retention, and career advancement services. Through HOPEworks, students are prepared to compete in today’s workforce. Additionally, an array of on-site support services is provided including mental health therapy; legal counseling; food and clothing; and assistance in obtaining housing, childcare, medical, and transitional work benefits.

The Green Collar Project will prepare HOPE Students for jobs in an environmental field that provides family sustaining wages, safe working conditions, and chances for advancement. This includes jobs in the fields of construction, energy, horticulture, building retrofitting, transportation, manufacturing sectors and more. Students of the Green Collar Project will be trained and placed in jobs like Environmental Remediation Technician Training including removal of asbestos and OSHA regulations, as well green maintenance and waste management, recycling, urban forestry, waterfront restoration, green roofs and many more.

“As a world leader in solar power and in energy-saving LCD TVs the Green Collar Project aligns well with Sharp’s core vision of creating energy-saving and energy-creating products. This project reinforces Sharp’s commitment to helping the environment and maintaining a cleaner and safer planet,” said Koshima.


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