Sun unveils JavaFX programming language

Face to Adobe AIR and Flex, Microsoft has unveiled its Silverlight technology. Today, it is the turn of Sun Microsystems to present his solution for creating rich Internet applications (RIA), it is the new language site: JavaFX 1.0. JavaFX will not replace the graphics library for Java Swing but on the contrary will be added to it.

JavaFX will have a simpler syntax to create objects such as buttons, menus and interactive elements on the page. These elements will be in direct communication with the Java platform behind it. Thus, in the area of mobility, the developer can create an application that enables camera phone and publish a shot directly on the Web.

In an interview obtained by InformationWeek, Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing says: “It is the most important innovation for Java in recent years […] we enrolled in the same lineage as Adobe Flex and Ajax. ”

The JavaFX software development kit is distributed for download under the GPLv2 license and is in the form of a plugin for users of Eclipse, NetBeans Java IDE and Adobe Photoshop. “We wanted to make sure we target the tools that are used and known by its customers for years,” says Klein.

Find more information here.


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