Qualcomm to launch its Internet access platform, Kayak, in India by mid 2009

Qualcomm, a wireless telecommunication research and development company will launch “Kayak” in India after introducing it worldwide. Kayak is a new tiny notebook mainly used to access the internet services.

Kayak Internet access platform will be introduced to Indian users in the later months of 2009. It also has the potential to leverage the capabilities of 3G services.

Qualcomm will introduce its internet access platform, Kayak in India for 10,000 INR and USP is its ability to work in low power environment thus fitting into the needs of typical Indian users who struggle against the power problems.

With bringing in Kayak platform, Qualcomm has designed a prototype to meet the needs of users who need seamless internet access over cell phones irrespective of the availability of wired Internet services.

To meet the needs of computing with connectivity, Qualcomm has integrated Kayak with dual-core mobile station modem chipsets. It fits the blank existing between desktop PCs and internet capable wireless devices.

Besides this, Qualcomm is also making efforts to push its Phone processors into PC segments after appending computing traits like e-mail and web browsing onto cell phones.


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