Sony P-series “netbook” unveiled

With CES approaching, many hidden things are getting disclosed. The leader in consumer electronics has also dropped some hints for the netbook that it had been teasing since long.

The netbook that have been kept tight lipped by Sony is named as “Pocket .” (P-series)

The netbook is to be launched officially and will support Intel Atom 1.33GHz processor. Typical of Sony portable computers, the P will have a high-resolution screen. This one is eight-inches with a whopping 1600×768 res. That means you won’t have nearly as much scrolling as the typical 1024×600 netbook display. Of course, that’s assuming your eyes can handle the strain. I suspect many would-be owners will boosting up the DPI and font sizes. Storage comes in the form of a traditional hard drive up to a measly 60GB but you can opt for a 128GB SSD drive, which will likely bump up pricing a few hundred dollars.
It will support 8″ LED backlit screen, options for either a 60GB HDD or a 128GB SSD module. The netbook will supposedly come in red, silver-painted plastic and black.

The Pocket is supposedly to run Vista Home Premium or Home Basic. Teasers and various hints were coming from long, but officially any such information is first of its type by the website.

The specifications are leaked but no updates are given as of for battery and pricing.

Even it is not leaked that when this Pocket will be available for sale.


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