Google and New York City launch town-touring technology tools

SAN FRANCISCO – Google has helped New York City build an Internet Age service that lets visitors and locals alike virtually explore the Big Apple before taking to its busy streets.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday launched a new website online and a technology-packed information center on Seventh Avenue near 52nd Street in Manhattan.

“This dynamic site uses Google Maps to help you plan your New York experience,” Bloomberg said in a posting at Google’s website.

“So whether you are a visitor or a resident, we invite you to explore New York City from your home computer, your mobile phone — and of course, in person.”

People can use to learn about attractions, promotions, events and more, then map itineraries using Google software and send the information to mobile telephones for reference while on the move.

The information center features computerized map tables with touch-screen surfaces.

People can use center computers to plan adventures while taking virtual looks at 3D models of New York City neighborhoods or “street views” of destinations.


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