Internet world speed record set

US telecom group Sprint and a Swedish partner say they have set a new world speed record of data transport over the Internet of 4.23 gigabits per second.

“This result is almost three times better than the current record listed in the 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records,” Sprint said in a statement.

“For Internet users whose need for speed is a priority, this feat would be equal to streaming 600 full-length movies simultaneously out to movie theatres,” director of data systems engineering for Sprint, Chase Cotton, said.

Sprint said its engineers and a team from the Swedish National Research and Education Network (SUNET) in April sent nearly 840 gigabytes of data from a computer in San Jose, California, roughly halfway around the globe to associates at another PC at the University of Lulea in northern Sweden in under 27 minutes.The data travelled across Sprint’s Internet backbone and the SUNET network at 4.23 gigabits per second “using commercial networks and commonly available computer networking hardware”.

The feat was verified by a judging committee of the Internet2 consortium, which sponsors an ongoing data-transmission speed contest, the statement said.

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