Zeus Technology Launches New Plugin for Eclipse

Zeus Technology, the only software-based application traffic management company, is today announcing it has created a new ZXTM software plugin for Eclipse, one of the leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

The ZXTM plugin for Eclipse will enable developers to edit and manage all of their application code, whether it’s Java, PHP, TrafficScript or any other supported language including Traffic Management logic, from a single environment. It also contains all the necessary tools to allow developers to then build and deploy that application.

Using Eclipse to manage TrafficScript rules will provide the following key benefits:
– Full syntax highlighting for TrafficScript rules, making it easier to edit and manage complex rules
– TrafficScript auto-completion, code hints and online help to create powerful rules more quickly
– The ability to manage rules on several ZXTM clusters, comparing rules and copying rules from one cluster to another
– Instant deployment of rules to a ZXTM cluster for faster and more responsive implementation of changes
– Syntax checking and validation, ensuring that a faulty rule is never deployed to a ZXTM system. Paul Brennan, CEO, Zeus Technology says: “We’re committed to enhancing the application software we provide and expanding the ways developers can utilize these resources. Providing tools such as the Zeus Eclipse plugin will help simplify the way developers work and accelerate productivity and innovation within the developer community.”

The new ZXTM plugin for Eclipse is available for download from Zeus’ developer site


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