New PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto

Developer Mark Morris today announced PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto. All users of PhotoUpLink who have upgraded to iLife ’09 also should download the new version for continued functionality, and access to new features.

PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto now includes the ability to export over WiFi to any iPhone or iPod Touch running PhotoUpLink. Select the photos you want from any album. Click Export -> PhotoUpLink -> iPhone and your device should show up in the list. Click on that, then click Export. PhotoUpLink for iPhone must be running at this time. Exported photos will show up in the Camera Roll album on an iPhone, or in the Saved Photos album on an iPod Touch.

PhotoUpLink for iPhone and iPod Touch enables free, easy photo sharing directly between devices on the same WiFi network using peer to peer file transfer. The FTP feature lets you send photos to any FTP site and generates an email for you containing links to the image files uploaded. PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto maintains the existing feature set of FTP and secure FTP, database export, and Office integration. Selected photos and Quicktime movies can be sent to any FTP server, MySQL and other ODBC supported databases, or FileMaker 7 database. PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets of photo metadata can be created if Office X is also installed.



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