Google Announce Android 1.5 with video recording and widgets

Google have announced version 1.5 of Android. The remake, which would appear within a month, supports widgets and taking video. Furthermore the control system can be served as of now with a onscreen keyboard.

Android 1.5, which already longer under the code name cup cake is known, have been announced officially Monday night. For developers already sdk of the new DC are download, which contains among other things api for making widgets.

Google have warned that there in the definite release still the necessary matter can change and it is also still unclear when the new control system is brought out. Supposedly Android appear 1.5 however within a month. In May, as it happens, the Vodafone Magic come on the market, and this Android-toestel have no physical keyboard. That uses of the new onscreen keyboard necessary.

Also new the possibility is of taking video. Android 1.5 have been further based on version 2.6.27 of Linux-kernel, and bluetooth are as of now supported entirely. Moreover larger and smaller modifications still several arge, such as better gps-ontvangst and layout modifications almost all standard application, such as the browser, the e mail client and sms-software.


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