ASRock is first motherboard to get certified by Windows 7

The RC release of Windows 7 was a good opportunity to officially announce that ASRock is the first manufacturer to be certified “Windows 7 Ready!” Microsoft for several of its motherboards for both AMD and Intel processors.

ASRock has proudly announced that its P45-powered P45XE is the first motherboard to pass the Windows 7 logo submission, and is officially certified as being fully compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. Moreover, ASRock has provided a list of boards that are supposed to be ready for Windows 7 although they have yet to get drivers for the OS. As seen below, the list includes models which support both Intel and AMD processors, and are powered by a wide variety of chipsets like the Intel X58, P45, P43, the AMD 790GX, 780G, 770, and Nvidia’s nForce 780a, 740a/i, and 630a.

It is through a press release proudly announces ASRock to be the first to receive this recognition for its motherboard P45XE. ASRock obtains in fact a double certification: for 32-bit Windows Seven and Seven 64-bit. It comes just after AMD and WHQL certified drivers for Seven, the Windows 7 is on its way …

The publication of the RC (Release Candidate) Seven will cause other statements of this kind, there is also a prime interest of the RC. Among the leading motherboards that this is the certificate that honors ASRock P45XE has successfully managed to pass tests and become Microsoft’s creditors Logo ® Windows 7 MB – 32 bit & 64 bit. “

Source : tcmagazine


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